Bergen Runners is a group of runners who believe in supporting and cheering for one another. We come from North NJ townships along Route 4, Route 17 and west of the Hudson River. Away from running, we come from all walks of life: professionals, scientists, artists, parents, husbands, wives, children, couples, singles, etc…Our running paths wind through major parks and hidden trails in various neighborhoods. Together, we run into the sunrise and sunset; we sweat and laugh through personal and physical challenges.

What sets us apart from other running clubs is a shared passion for running, community and the love of Chinese culture.  We welcome runners of all ages, abilities, paces and distances and provide them with training, development, support and motivation.  Whether you are already a seasoned runner, a causal runner or a new runner, we’re here to run with you. 



Our Own Stories
Race Story

Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks

菜鸟 第一次去Coogans还是上个世纪(老年人都是这样开始讲故事的吗),不记得点了什么,只记得当服务生过来问好不好吃的时候,我一脸诚恳地说好咸。服务生面带微笑地说,他去告诉厨师,然后再告诉我怎么办。我满心期待他的回复,等来的是同伴们的哄笑。

Race Story


菜鸟 — 纽约马拉松是每个跑者心中的殿堂。 一年多前,突发奇想,开始跑步,目标是村里的5千米。之后混入跑群,有一搭没一搭地酱油跑,从三迈到半马,花了大半年时间。然后坚定地表示不跑全马,请勿忽悠。直到一个多月前,跑群的美女队长去纽约路跑俱乐部(NYRR)开了个动员大会。会上得知2020年是纽约马拉松五十周年,必有大庆。队长回来传达了会议精神,令群情激动。

Race Story

New York City Marathon

Rachel Lu I can run, but I could never run away from fate. Twenty years ago, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I had my first weekend visit to Manhattan.  I had just landed a job Read more

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