Bergen Runners is a group of runners who believe in supporting and cheering for one another. We come from North NJ townships along Route 4, Route 17 and west of the Hudson River. Away from running, we come from all walks of life: professionals, scientists, artists, parents, husbands, wives, children, couples, singles, etc…Our running paths wind through major parks and hidden trails in various neighborhoods. Together, we run into the sunrise and sunset; we sweat and laugh through personal and physical challenges.

What sets us apart from other running clubs is a shared passion for running, community and the love of Chinese culture.  We welcome runners of all ages, abilities, paces and distances and provide them with training, development, support and motivation.  Whether you are already a seasoned runner, a causal runner or a new runner, we’re here to run with you. 



Our Own Stories
Race Story


Richard Yang 早上四点起床,五点半把娃送到朋友家,然后坐上了去纽馬起点史丹岛的巴士。八点半了,巴士还堵在高速路上,第一波9点四十出发,只好跳车自己跑去集合点,就当赛前热身吧。匆匆忙忙赶到出发区,排队上了个卫生间就开始唱国歌,开炮(不是鸣枪哦)起跑了。伴随着经典的Frank Sinatra的New York, New York 爵士歌声,五万多五颜六色来自五湖四海的跑者分波泳上了著名的韦拉扎诺大桥。在桥里(不是桥上因为在下层)碰到了从精英区出发的百

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波马是你向世界证明自己,纽马是世界向你表白! – Rachel Lu, Bergen Runners(百骏跑团) 纽约马拉松赛是全世界规模最大的,参赛与观众人数最多体育盛会。无论你是远道而来还是本地跑者,预祝你尽情享受沿途上百万观众的欢迎与助威,跑出自已的良好水平。去年底刚升为NYRR官方俱乐部之一的新州百骏跑团,将一如既往的与纽约岚山,新蜂两大跑团合作共負东道主使命,为来自世界各地的华人跑者提供最强有力的啦啦队支持及在地服务!

Race Story

跑过风景,跑过你 – 我的第一个全程马拉松

虹 *** 首马 *** 2019年8月23日,周五。凌晨三点半起床。为了今天已经调整作息好几个星期。慢慢吃下面包和牛奶。检查要带的东西。出门前穿上跑鞋,系上鞋带,顺势亲吻了双膝 – 以此礼感谢一直与我完美合作,协同作战的身体,希望它一如既往的在今天 Sri Chinmoy Rockland 首马比赛中发挥正常!

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