Bergen Runners is a group of runners who believe in supporting and cheering for one another. We come from North NJ townships along Route 4, Route 17 and west of the Hudson River. Away from running, we come from all walks of life: professionals, scientists, artists, parents, husbands, wives, children, couples, singles, etc…Our running paths wind through major parks and hidden trails in various neighborhoods. Together, we run into the sunrise and sunset; we sweat and laugh through personal and physical challenges. What sets us apart from other running clubs is a shared passion for running, community and the love of Chinese culture.  We welcome runners of all ages, abilities, paces and distances and provide them with training, development, support and motivation.  Whether you are already a seasoned runner, a causal runner or a new runner, we’re here to run with you. 



Our Own Stories
Race Story

2021 XCelsior Marathon – Bergen Runners’ Stories 百骏跑者故事合辑

五月三十日在硬石湖(Rockland Lake State park)举办的XCelsior Marathon是自疫情以来久违的实体马拉松, 硬石湖是百骏跑群常出征的福地, 又是个可以拿官方比赛成绩报名波马的BQ qualified course, 群里不少练习了大半年的跑者们都马上把握了这个机会报名参加了, 可惜本該是迎接夏日开始的国殇长周末却迎来了风雨交加的一天, 当天的气候即使对许多经验老道的马拉松跑者都是毅力与体力的大考验, 然而越是逆境越能激发出感人的故事, 感谢义工们在风雨交加中使尽全力帮助一位又一位的跑者完成梦想, 摄影师湿透了全身还努力地按下一张张的大片, 以下是一些當天的经验分享与精彩回顾:

Race Story

凄风冷雨总是情–百骏2021 双州挑战马拉松记

“莫说青山多障碍, 风也疾风也劲,莫说水中多变幻,水也清水也静”。我们“湖人队”的风水宝地硬石湖平常都是风和日丽青山绿水的。上周太热,教练米雪夫妇已经开始在为比赛准备冰水海绵来防暑降温了。教练甚至亲自去了一趟石湖祈求湖仙帮忙降温。可能是教练的虔诚感动了仙女,本周温度果然骤降至50多度。群里一片欢腾,感谢湖仙显灵,都说这是最佳跑马天气。然而,湖仙子却似乎稍微用力过猛了点,周末的时候,开始刮风下雨了,温度也进一步降至50度以下,风冷体感温度更是只有30多度。