Bergen Runners is a group of runners who believe in supporting and cheering for one another. We come from North NJ townships along Route 4, Route 17 and west of the Hudson River. Away from running, we come from all walks of life: professionals, scientists, artists, parents, husbands, wives, children, couples, singles, etc…Our running paths wind through major parks and hidden trails in various neighborhoods. Together, we run into the sunrise and sunset; we sweat and laugh through personal and physical challenges. What sets us apart from other running clubs is a shared passion for running, community and the love of Chinese culture.  We welcome runners of all ages, abilities, paces and distances and provide them with training, development, support and motivation.  Whether you are already a seasoned runner, a causal runner or a new runner, we’re here to run with you. 



Our Own Stories
Race Story


虹 2020,是沉重的一年:新冠让地球的呼吸变得沉重,它让人类的脚步变得沉重。2020,也是灰色的一年,疫情,封城,隔离,失业这些灰色的词在这一年中大量出现。今年即将结束,在跑步这件事上,给自己一个阶段性的总结,希望能从沉重中抬起头,把抑郁的灰色变成喜欢的百搭高级灰。 取消 庆幸年初跑了今年唯一一个线下比赛—休斯顿马拉松。休马是为测试自己的那段时间训练效果,也是为了减轻接下来波士顿马拉松比赛的压力。一来如果休马跑好了,那波马就能欢乐跑。再者前面跑的两个马全超过了目标,所以还没有找到自己的水平定位。休马PR了5分钟左右,我在年初的美篇里分享过待一季花再开,与你微笑重逢。

Race Story


王徽 每个跑马的人都有他/她自己的故事,大家站在跑道上用他们的故事构成这一盛事,这几天都处在首马后的回味期,群里各位新马老马谈经历说理想,热闹非凡,精彩纷呈。队长看到我朋友圈首马后的戏说胡话,让我也发出来让大家看看,一开始我觉得信口胡叻的话,可能会误导大众,造成不可预期的伤害,但转念一想,大家都是成年人,都是跑界老江湖,有超于常人的判别能力,应该不会酿成什么大祸,就稍微整理一下,让我这个老马啦个松,博大家一笑。但免责声明还是必要的:本文所述,纯属胡诌,如有仿效,责任自负。