I know that running, training and participating in road races is a potentially hazardous activity and I should not run unless I am medically able. I accept any and all risks related in any way to running and any related activities.I have no medical condition that may restrict or prohibit my participation in any such activities, including but not limited to: workouts, volunteering, falls, contact with other participants, the effect of weather, including low or high temperatures and/or humidity, the conditions of the track or course, all such risks being assumed and appreciated by me. I agree to be responsible for my own safety while participating in any activities organized and/or participated by the Bergen Running Club and its affiliated clubs. 

Having read this release, as a member or participant of Bergen Running Club, I hereby expressly release and discharge the organizers and volunteers from any and all present and future claims and liabilities of any kind, known or unknown. 

I also grant permission to Bergen Running Club to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of my participation in workouts, road races or related activities for any legitimate, promotional, non-commercial purpose without remuneration. I acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older and I have read and understand the contents of this release.