Spring 5K Training Program

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We are going to start a 8 week 5K training program from Feb 24. The target is to participate 2018 River Edge 5K run on April 14 as a group or you can pick any other spring local 5k race in your home town (or both!).

This plan is suitable for beginners who are fit and have run or exercised before, but are novice runners. Therefore, you should be able to walk briskly for 30 minutes or jog 1-2 miles several times a week before you start this program. During this 8 week training period, participated runners will run 3 days a week, twice on their own during week days and once or twice with group during weekends. Group run sessions are lead by veteran runners, 2 free yoga classes will be provided on 2nd and 5th weekend by a yoga instructor to help runners to learn how to stretch for faster recovery and also work on the core strength.

RE 5k training planYou can do any other exercise besides running for cross training. It’s ideal to incorporate some weight training at least once per week.
Try to run every other day. Two slow runs and one slightly faster pace each week. Tuesday runs focus on maintaining steady pace rather than distance.
We will work on hard/long runs together as a group during weekends,  practice your own during week days.
Adjust the plan according to your own schedule and running level!
–Remember to sign up River Edge 5K Run and select “Team Bergen Runners” from Join Group/Team button.



If you are interested, contact us to sign up

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