1.13 Saddle River Park Run

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It’s really hard to find a good outdoor running day in such a brutal winter but we managed to find a good time to run this Saturday afternoon. It’s still chilly and windy but the sun was out and snow on the ground was mostly clear in the park.

We had two special guests joined us today.  Jojo, our Yoga instructor who has been showing us great yoga moves over Wechat, lead the pre-run warm-up with yoga flows. Sam, an award winning photographer from Ridgewood, came with bike and turned our regular weekend group run to a memorable photo journal.




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I covered Saddle River Park full loop with a team of 5, that’s 12 miles in 2 hours. Michelle even ran her first ever half marathon distance(13.1 miles). The last mile ran together with husband John.  What a great running couple!

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